Buckwheat Honey

Breck News 09/08/2017 2337 0 comment

We hope to have some buckwheat honey available in all sizes within the next week or two. We are unsure of the quantity we will have so it might not last long. So you will want to act fast once we have it bottled and ready to sell...

Fresh Local 2017 Honey

Breck News 09/08/2017 2403 0 comment

We are pleased to announce that we currently have 2017 honey in stock in all sizes. It's been a bad year but we've finally started to see the light and have been able to finally start removing and extracting this years honey. Grab it quickly...

Bee Pollen

Breck News 25/06/2017 2354 0 comment

We have started to collect bee pollen from a couple of our hives this year and hope to increase our collections in coming years. So we only have a limited quantity as we start out in the new addition to our bee products...

Spring Honey

Breck News 07/05/2017 1842 0 comment

With the cold and wet spring, things have been off to a slow start as the bees are not increasing in population yet.  They are tight together keeping each other warm and cozy as they continue to wait for that warm stretch of weather where they can hopefully begin to see signs of dandelions appe..

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